Our Land. Our Neighbors. Our Community

The PennEast pipeline is an unnecessary infrastructure project that will only benefit the companies who own it, and whose costs will be borne by residents in the area. In response to the PennEast threat, we formed HALT PennEast. We are average citizens who have joined forces to stop this pipeline.



Please join fellow citizens in a protest action taking place next Wednesday, January 23 from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. to make our voices heard to New Jersey Resources, the company behind not one, but TWO unneeded, dangerous pipelines proposed for our state:

  1. PennEast pipeline, which is seizing more than 100 private  and preserved properties in New Jersey via eminent domain, despite the fact that it does not have all approvals and the NJ Consumer Watchdog says the pipeline serves no public benefit, and
  2. The Southern Reliability Link (SRL) pipeline, which the company has started constructing despite the fact that courts have not ruled on legal challenges to its flawed approval and which experts also say is threatening the Pinelands and our drinking water for absolutely no reason.

We will be gathering outside of New Jersey Resources annual shareholders’ meeting in Howell next Wednesday to tell the company: “Stop PennEast! Stop SRL!


PLEASE SHOW UP! It’s important that NJR shareholders and the public see how NJR is taking New Jersey homeowners land for a project that has not been proven to be needed and that has not been approved.

Wednesday January 23 at 8:30 am – 20 Shore Oaks Drive, Howell, NJ

RSVP, Car pooling and questions contact Patty at 609-558-2564

Homeowner Update From Judge — January 17th 2019

We were informed that Judge Martinotti, entered two Orders yesterday impacting home owners on the proposed PennEast route:

  1. Extending Time to Appeal. A motion was filed to request an extension of time to appeal the December 14, 2018 Order. Homeowners are speaking with their attorneys and have until February 13, 2019 to decide if they want to appeal.
  1. Revised Order. Last week, homeowner attorneys filed objections to PennEast’s suggested Order. Yesterday, the Judge made a decision on the objections.
    1. Attorneys report that homeowners got most, not all, of what they requested. Cutting back the scope of the easement, restricting the permanent right of way and expressly addressing tree cutting were accomplished.
    1. The Judge rejected our request for more notice than 48 hours in advance of PennEast or their agents coming on our properties for survey. However, PennEast/Western land have been working with homeowner attorneys to see if they will agree to more advance notice of access and survey. At this point, PennEast/Western Land or their agents can come on homeowner properties on the route with 48 hours’ telephone notice.
    1. The Judge did say that PennEast and the property owners can seek redress from the US Marshalls. Homeowners should discuss with their attorney under what circumstances US Marshalls should be called.

Also, please note that some surveys and tests are more expansive and will take more than one day (in some cases, two or three days). Again, please consult your attorney for details on your property.

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Art On The Line; Jacqueline Evans

Jacqueline Evans in her studio.

Jacqueline Evans is not only a directly impacted homeowner on the proposed PennEast pipeline route, she is also a mother and artist. When the route moved from her ex-husbands farm 4 years ago to hers, her opposition to the unneeded and unwanted project transformed into a variety of installation art projects. The first series began from the moment she first learned about the route change to her property. In response, Evans painted her first banner titled The Rape of Utopia and mounted it on her garage facing the road. She and her 3 young children then painted The Pipeline Makes Us Scream and then Eminent Domain For Corporate Gain Is UnAmerican. The many more banners followed were hung on hay wagons and barns throughout her community. They have been used by the press repeatedly in stories and as stock photos relating to the battle of homeowners to stop the project and the abuse of eminent domain. Evans refers to her projects as Art On The Line and hopes they will  others to stay engaged and continue the fight.

the rape of utopia.jpeg
‘The Rape of Utopia’
‘Historic NJ Agriculture District; Centuries of Hard Work’
‘Eminent Domain For Corporate Gain Is UnAmerican’


‘No Certification Without Justification’
‘Upon The Sacredness Of Property Civilization Itself Depends’
‘Delaware Township Won’t Be Taken By PennEast!’
‘Don’t Tread On Me; PennEast Go Home!’
‘The Right To Own Private Property Is One Of America’s Basic Freedoms.’