About Us

HALT (Homeowners Against Land Taking) PennEast, is a non-profit organization formed by property owners who will be impacted if the pipeline is built. We are ordinary homeowners, farmers, business people, and residents along the pipeline route who have so much to lose if this project gets built.

As impacted landowners we have a unique legal and moral position on this issue. We are pitting our homes, businesses, our farms, our dreams, and our safety directly against PennEast. What is PennEast? A limited liability corporation formed by the investments of five large companies (New Jersey Resources, Southern Company, UGI Corporation, South Jersey Industries, Spectra Energy Parnters) in the natural gas business solely to build and profit from this unneeded pipeline. There is a lot at stake for HALT members, and these high stakes have given us a relentless drive that will not be stopped. We will not let PennEast survey our land. We will not give in. We can and will stop PennEast.

To take on this challenge, HALT PennEast has a singular goal and strategy.
The goal is simple, and it’s right there in the name: to HALT PennEast! Not reroute it, not change it, but stop it cold. HALT PennEast is not here to negotiate. We are here to fight.

The strategy is equally straightforward. We are pooling resources to hire a legal team to create and implement a strategy to stop the pipeline. At the same time we’re meeting with state and regional agencies that have the legal authority to stop PennEast and with officials who can help us influence those agencies.

This is where contributions to HALT are going – to directly fund the strategy and its implementation. At every agency and every courtroom where our voices can be heard the HALT team will state the case against PennEast until we stop them.

The facts show there is no need for this pipeline. There will be no benefit to any of us. The environmental, cultural, historical, social, and personal costs to the region will be appalling. We are already seeing property values along the pipeline route plummet. The members of HALT know that this pipeline can be stopped. We thank everyone who has fought against it and welcome everyone who wants to join the fight.

Our solidarity is our strength and together we can win this fight.