HALT has just received a fantastic offer from a major donor who has interest in becoming major sponsor for the upcoming “Bagging the Pipeline” event. This offer will almost double the fundraising goal – but with one catch! We will need to postpone the event until February of 2017 to accommodate the sponsor.

The Board of Directors has discussed this offer and we feel that we have sufficient funding to launch our action when the FERC issues the certificate, so delaying the Bagging the Pipeline fundraising event until February with the potential to almost double our fundraising goal is a great offer!

Everyone who has purchased a ticket will receive a full refund for the November 29th event. As soon as we have the new date scheduled, we will announce the new date and begin promoting the event once again. All the fashionistas interested in this event can purchase new tickets for the February event within the next few weeks.

We want to sincerely thank all the volunteers who have been planning the event, all of the sponsors who donated bags, and everyone who has shown their support by purchasing a ticket.

We look forward to announcing the new date and are very excited about our hero donor’s support for the event!

Bagging the Pipeline Invite without link