Wednesday, June 28th 7:30pm, Prallsville Mills, Stockton, NJ


We have a fight ahead of us and we’ll only win it fighting together!

The silver lining to the dark cloud that’s PennEast is the joy of meeting and finding a common cause with so many people fighting this pipeline.

Our continued joint resistance to PennEast has been the wall that has kept them from succeeding to this point and will be the ultimate nail in their coffin.

Standing together we are strong and we have held back a billion dollar pipeline.

The time has come to share our stories so we can take the fight to the next level.

On June 20 HALT is holding a workshop where several HALT members will share their stories, to be captured on video, about their struggles against PennEast.

At our HALT Monthly Meeting on Wednesday June 28 at 7:30 pm at Prallsville Mill we want to share those videos and hear from more of you.

What would you like to tell our gubernatorial candidates and all of our elected officials that it is time to put a stop to PennEast!

Come with your stories and your thoughts and we’ll capture them for upcoming meetings with decision makers.
Join in!  We will win if we continue to work together.

The link below has the details on the HALT monthly meetings.

HALT Monthly Meetings