Recent activities and accomplishments. June 15th, 2017

The fight is ramping up and victory will be ours by:

  • Sustaining our relentless passion to stop this initiative
  • Aligning with our neighbors, allies, governmental and community leaders
  • Building the knowledge base and resources to succeed

HALT uniquely is focused on the property owners and community members whose property rights and properties will be directly impacted by the pipeline while, at the same time, representing the broader community in NJ and PA concerned about the consequences of pipelines like this.

That impacts of this unneeded, unwanted and harmful initiate include: the potential for PennEast to unlawfully exercise eminent domain and take our land, the effect of arsenic seeping into our water supply from both the pipeline construction and operation, the dangers of living near a pipeline, the decline of property values and the many negative impacts on our environment, communities and way of life.

POLITICIANS/ STATE AGENCIES – HALT has met with leaders including:

  • Officials from the NJ DEP
  • U.S. Senator Booker’s team
  • U.S. Congressman Lance
  • NJ gubernatorial candidates from both parties

– Invited Ambassador Murphy and Lt. Governor Guadagno to a Gubernatorial Candidate Forum at the end of July entitled, Property Rights and the PennEast pipeline

We have provided information that opened these decision-makers eyes in terms of the economics and misinformation provided by PennEast.  As one result,  Senator Booker’s office requested info from us on trespassing incidents and informed PennEast that it was unacceptable for them to trespass and violate the rights of their constituents. We were also pleased to hear NJDEP’s consistent stance to fulfill its responsibility by holding PennEast to all requirements imposed by state and federal laws and regulations.

Additionally, Board members in PA have met with

  • US Congressmen Michael and Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Bucks County Commissioners Charlie Martin, Robert Loughery, and Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia


– If granted by FERC, we will contest the legality of the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity,

-We have introduced homeowners interested in contesting eminent domain (not negotiate or settle) to experienced legal resources, if needed


HALT has conducted monthly meetings where Ann Marie Garti, the lawyer who led the successful fight against the Constitution pipeline in NY, has informed us of the challenges we should expect in the fight against a pipeline. While addressing the risks, Ms. Garti has been consistently inspiring by letting us know how this fight can be won. HALT has also held meetings where eminent domain lawyers have presented options for contesting PennEast’s eminent domain and suggesting homeowners pool together to reduce legal fees.

Our voices will be heard! HALT is engaging the community in an exciting event to create and broadly disseminate the struggles and resilience of land owners fighting to stop this ill-advised pipeline.

  • The first step involves holding a Public Narrative workshop that will produce videos of passionate and committed homeowners and community members telling their personal story.
  • We will show a sample of these videos at our next monthly meeting on June 28 as a way to draw out others in sharing why they’re opposed, how they’re impacted and how they won’t give up.
  • We will be showing these videos at several upcoming meetings and special events involving decision makers and influencers.
  • We will also get people’s voices out to the press and through social media.

In some ways, our fight has just begun! We are working with our allies in citizen action committees and environmental groups to make your voice matter. We are building a strong case and intend to fight for our rights on behalf of homeowners and community members to halt the proposed PennEast Pipeline. We appreciate your continued support.